Interior Design Inspiration: The Luxury Fireplace

November 20, 2015 |

Interior Design Inspiration: The Luxury Fireplace

Man’s discovery of fire altered his world unimaginably.  From dark to light, from cold to warmth, fire introduced numerous luminous and primal qualities to humankind.  Even in the most luxurious surroundings, there are few things more magical and soothing than reclining in front of flickering tongues of flame.  Fire is so alive and hypnotic that it can be a wonderful challenge to frame it imaginatively and with integrity. 

Luxury Fireplace Design Ideas 

Frederic Kielemoes Luxury Fireplace
Credit: Frederic Kielemoes

The black and grey accoutrements of this fireplace carry timeless references to charcoal and ashes, bringing ancient truths into this contemporary home.

Luxury Fireplace Design Inspiration
Credit: Katharine Pooley

I love the clever subtlety of the way fire is quite literally framed in this gorgeous drawing room in Qatar.  By creating symmetry between fire and the artwork above it, equal attention is drawn to the creations of nature and of civilisation.

Adriana Hoyos Luxury Fireplace Design
Credit: Adriana Hoyos

Here, compositions are used to accentuate fire in a different, but equally effective manner.  The currents of energy through the marbled expanse above the fireplace allude to the state of constant change that fire reminds us of.   

Luxury Fireplace Design From Obumex
Credit: Obumex

In this elegant room by Obumex, copper and straw pick up on the material qualities of fire.  The precise asymmetry of the hearth is striking and provides me with unique fireplace design inspiration.

 Altius Architecture Luxury fireplace design inspiration
Credit: Altius Architecture

Unlike in the previous images, this fireplace is not the traditional sophisticated silhouette, inserted into one of the four walls of the room.  It is very consciously employed as a design element, two thin lines in the centre of a room that also plays against expectation in other ways.  The juxtaposition of various room dividers and ceiling fixtures open up possibilities. 

Paul Raff Luxury Fireplace Design Inspiration
Credit: Paul Raff

This minimal room from Paul Raff Studio boasts some time-honoured emblems of masculinity – antlers, vintage automobiles – but the off-centre fire signifies a willingness to experiment.

 Olivier Lempereur Fireplace Luxury Design

Mesmeric and primordial, this makes us think of staring up at the constellations in the night sky while a fire slowly burns.  It comes courtesy of Olivier Lempereur.

Finchatton Luxury Fireplace Design Inspiration
Credit: Finchatton

For me, this is the epitome of the classic, contemporary living room.  It is unclear from the photo whether the piece above the mantel is a flat screen television or an artwork – either would be just as relevant to life today.

Atelier Kastelic Buffey Luxury Fireplace Design Inspiration
Credit: Atelier Kastelic Buffey

A discriminating, restrained room that is nevertheless full of resonant echoes.  The table mirrors the rectangular space around the fire in shape and colour, while the amoebic piece of wood and the orchid emphasize the presence of vitality.  All is balanced with serene tones of pale grey.   I love the contour of the chairs also.

London Luxury Interior Design Fireplace Inspiration
Credit: Taylor Howes

A lesson in gentle intonation of colour from Taylor Howes.  Pearly oyster, slate, cloudy silver, stone, lead, opaque transparency, smoky black, and more variations on the palette all make appearances here.  One can only imagine the dramatic effect when the brilliance of the orange fire manifests.    

McClean Design Fireplace Inspiration Luxury Design
Credit: McClean Design

The paramount importance of fire in our hunting, gathering nature is returned to here.  A blazing line of pure flame underscores a seductive image of big cats in the wild.  The glimmer is picked up on in the carpet and the dangling light fixture further into the room.

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