Interior Design Inspiration: The Entranceway

July 7, 2016 |

When it comes to design (and probably to most things), I am of the mind that books should be judged by their covers and first impressions should be trusted implicitly.  This means that I am always ardent about making sure that the entranceway of a project intrigues visitors into seeing the rest of the space without setting. The bar set dangerously high – which is a danger with the spectacular entryways I am tempted to create – I often come back to the below images.

Elegant beige marble entrance
Credit: Casa Construida

This luxury entranceway is our idea of a perfect fusion between old and new. Sensual and geometric. Space and intimacy. All strands which could be picked up and expanded upon in any number of ways in the home proper.

Cut leather wall design in hallway
Credit: Candy & Candy

The cut-leather wall detailing employed here is wonderfully, unusually luxurious, especially when set off against the silver photograph frames. 

Grand beige marble staircase
Credit: Hill House Interiors

This grand staircase reminds me of Fifties movies – you just long for a beautifully dressed screen siren to sweep down these steps in the throes of deep emotion.  How fabulous to maintain the same sense of drama throughout the residence.

Bronze lift in entrance
Found On: Archilovers

It is fascinating to note all the stimulating elements in this one foyer.  The energising, passionate red of the vase; the peaceful gravitas of the sculpture; the books and magazines; the lustrous gold accents of the console picked up in the doorway; and the distinguished photograph on the wall.  All entice me into wanting a much closer look at the entire space.

White and grey marble staircase
Credit: Orsi

How utterly  delightful is this frosty, wondrous antechamber? 

Black bird wallpaper hallway
Credit: Martin Architects

Minimal yet not lacking in intricate detail, the use of vibrant colour on the back wall to heighten the organic qualities of the sculpture and bird design is inspiring.

Dark wood staircase with reclaimed wood sculpture
Credit: Oliver Lempereur

The work of Helene et Olivier Lempereur holds an exquisite symmetry for us, and this quality shines through brilliantly here.  The sense of harmony is given both purity and texture via the reclaimed wood used through the stairwell and the way that the grain is imaginatively picked up in the floorboards.

Accent wallpaper with large mirror hallway
Found On:

What a stunning and dignified entranceway design!  We are especially taken with the console, wallpaper and mirror, as well as with those divine silver accents.  The stage is thus set for many remarkable days and evenings.

Red parquet floor in entrance
Credit: Dezeen

This parquet floor is a peachy keen design from Raw Edges, both modern and reminiscent of those marvellous tiles you find in places like Morocco and Mexico.  It refreshes the senses and cleanses the palate, so to speak, as it welcomes you into the shop. 

Geometric wallpaper on staircase

We leave you with another injection of colour and geometry.  This audacious design decision would certainly make an immediate impression and convince you of the spirit of the owner.  The accessories of the light fixture and the stool, both rhyming  with the wallpaper are well considered, we daresay. 

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