Interior Design Inspiration: Staircase Design Ideas

November 10, 2015 |

The staircase takes you to a different level, literally and often figuratively too.  Up above, or down below, the staircase connects you to another plane of the home.

I often reflect on how to translate the metaphysical significance into my staircase designs.  These spaces can be the most iconic part of the home – just think of the wondrous mirrored staircase at Rue Cambon, where Chanel No. 5 always floated seductively in the air to greet the magnificent Coco herself.

In this blog, I share some of the intriguing flights of steps (and often flights of fancy) around the world that have charmed me in their distinct ways, providing me with staircase design inspiration for my work with Boscolo.    

Staircase Design Ideas

Gold Staircase Design Inspiration
Credit: Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra

Sleek but textured luxury shines through burnished gold railings and the marble.  They beautifully complement the intricate designs and rich colours of the Spanish tiles.  The mirror at the end expands the space further.  Traditional elegance marries modern simplicity.

Elegant grey marble staircase with integrated lighting
Credit: Savills

The electric flamboyance of this staircase design is balanced by the icicle-like Gothic mystery of the lighting fixtures, courtesy of Serip.

Wooden Luxury Staircase

Industrial masculinity with clean lines and blocks.  I enjoy how the spine of the staircase is picked up in the unusual vertical railings, bringing surprise into the most straightforward of staircase design ideas.

White marble rounded staircase
Credit: Kathryn Scott

Severe architectural railings enhance the gentle sensuality of the triple curlicues in this Parisian staircase from Kathryn Scott Design Studio.

Dark wood staircase design inspiration
Credit: Luxe interiors + design

The angled staircase design allows the artistic, fabulous skylight to be the star of this rather restrained, but deluxe show.  The provocative crouched figure, lit with consideration, adds voluptuousness.

Modern white and light brown wooden staircase
Credit: Michaelis Boyd Associates

I appreciate the seamless way the staircase is used as a punctuation mark in a bigger space here.  The banister and railings come up against the grid of the windows in the room partition, working together graphically.  The abstract painting and the glowing orbs of the dangling light fixtures subtly continue the geometric theme.  This is pure interior design inspiration for me.

Raised ultra modern white staircase
Credit: studio mk27

Radiant, life-giving light itself is a design element in this minimal stairway from Studio MK27.  Daggers of luminosity are thrown onto the walls.

Luxury white and brown staircase with plush beige carpet
Credit: Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen epitomises contemporary glamour in interior design.  Her staircase design spills down vital showers of mirrored circles onto a slick white floor, the space softened by the plush beige runner. 

Brioni Boutiques brushed bronze stairwell
Credit: Brioni Boutiques

Sumptuous sophistication is layered richly and generously here.  I love how the burnished bronze sets off the matte charcoal which in turn sets off the natural grey of the steps themselves.  The lines also play astutely with each other.  The small but essential detail of the triangular space left at the end of the main banister as it meets the arcs below adds suggestive, refined kick to this design, done for Brioni boutiques.

Integrated wooden bookcase and staircase design
Credit: Llama Urban Design

I finish with an idea for the very top of the house!  You could stylishly store all of your books, games, loved objects, and all else you desired in the attic with this clever merging of storage space into the stairway.

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