Interior Design Inspiration: Luxury Lighting Design Ideas

January 4, 2016 |


Luxury Lighting Design Inspiration


The original source of incandescence, the yang to everything else, the means by which we can see the rest, light is utterly essential.  That is a lot to live up to when the designer decides how to present and direct light.  Fortunately, there is no shortage of ingenious, talented manufacturers and artisans who provide me with lighting accessories to create a considered ambience in any room.

Large grey marble lamp
Credit: Pinto Paris

Luminosity is emphasised by the gleaming stone, doubling and deepening brilliance.      

Gold totem hanging ceiling light
Credit: Lindsey Adelman

This absolutely wonderful fixture from Lindsey Adelman appears simple and buoyant, but contains numerous thought-out details, making it a true talking piece for a dinner party. I particularly love the dynamism and the combination of the organic and the structural. 

handmade brass asterix pendant light
Credit: studioPGRB

This deconstructed ‘Asterix’ ceiling light in brass from Studio PGRB has an appealing raw, honest quality to it. 

yabu pushelberg large bronze geometric ceiling light
Credit: Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg are a design agency I repeatedly turn to, and this non-traditional tectonic chandelier is a sensational reminder of his bold inventiveness.  Witness how the interlocking squares are mirrored in quite different ways in windows and smaller light fixtures behind.   

Furore bronze light
Credit: Lima De Lezando

The Furore ceiling lamp from Lima De Lezando reminds me of vacuum tubes in the best way!  Luxury lighting design ideas truly can come from the most unexpected places, and everything is worthy of attention and consideration! 

Large star gold and glass Chandelier by Gabriel Scott
Credit: Gabriel Scott

Gabriel Scott gives us the Harlow chandelier, which calls up visions of mechanical dragonflies and grasshoppers illumined by crystals. 

Halo style bronze ceiling light
Credit: Deniz Tunc

On an entirely different tangent, this burnished chandelier makes me think of a crown of thorns and of the desert.  I appreciate its primitive elements, polished to gleaming effect.

Muranese long glass tube ceiling light by Paolo Castelli
Credit: Paolo Castelli

Enchanting fluorescence fitted into glass dewdrops and metal buds for restrained romance.

Long raindrop ceiling light by Paolo Castelli
Credit: Paolo Castelli

Handmade in Murano, the transparent glass structure in which golden leaf powder is suspended is completely unique to ‘Allure’. Pulverised gold leaf reflects L.E.D’s which are enclosed in the crystal elements to stunning effect. 

Simple double desk light by Paolo Castelli
Credit: Paolo Castelli

Like golden petals suspended in the ether this asymmetrical beacon is firm yet dainty; bright, delicate and deliberate. Formless forms that appear to have been shining eternally.

Wooden Beam lighting design fixture

Arrangements of bare bulbs could be considered a contemporary classic.  Here, wrapping them around an exposed beam adds rough-hewn charm and character.  The high ceilings of the room provide a superb background to play the idea out against.

Nimba LED halo ceiling light by Santa Cole
Credit: Santa Cole Nimba LED

This floating LED halo of a light fixture would be right at home in a Star Wars film.  It’s only close inspection that reveals the thin wires holding it up; but the magic isn’t diminished.

Dark bronze and glass cylinder wall light by Jonathan Browning inc
Credit: Jonathan Browning inc.

The highly controlled design for this wall sconce is reminiscent of Greek classical columns.  They could be used to high effect in a luxe office as well as at home.  I would use a series of these to stand guard down a wall.

Bronze floor lamp by Bruno Moinard
Credit: Bruno Moinard

In this photo, the base of the ottoman picks up on the texture of one of the horizontal rods of the Bruno Moinard floor lamp, creating resonance in the most minimal of furniture arrangements. 

Distressed concrete ceiling light

I love how this imaginative ceiling lamp reminds us of the alive nature of light itself and of the cycle of nature; concrete is the most solid-seeming of materials, but here it decays and crumbles, like everything else.  Subversive luxury!

large Gold cube ceiling lights
Credit: Pablo & Rusty’s

The lines in these birdcage-like designs have a vaguely Art Deco feel, but they belong squarely (literally and figuratively) in the present day.  I love how they are used against a wall of deep green foliage. 

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