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March 16, 2016 |

The kitchen is the beating heart of the house, providing physical and spiritual nourishment.  When I design luxury kitchens for busy city residents who entertain regularly, my aim is to blend pragmatic requirements with aesthetic sophistication in a space that surrounds family and friends with a hospitable spirit, no matter the meal or snack being prepared.  It’s an assignment I especially relish (yes, I chose that word purposefully.)

Cultural influences are especially significant in matters food-related; so it is absolutely essential for me to take in design inspiration from around the world when I develop plans for luxury kitchens.

Luxury Kitchen Design Inspiration

Large english white and beige kitchen
Credit: Sophie Paterson

It’s intriguing that this space feels so much like a traditional English kitchen at first glance; for when you take a closer look, almost none of the elements are conventional.  That’s the sort of conjuring act that stimulates me.

Light grey marble kitchen
Credit: Plain English Design

This feeling carries over to the Mapesbury Estate kitchen, although here it is easier to pinpoint the china, ceramic, armoire, nonchalant plant arrangement, and fittings that bring the sense of a proper cook’s room to this sleek marble and glass room.   

Large white and grey marble island in kitchen
Credit: Clarendon Works

It’s also wonderful to see the uncompromisingly clean lines of this kitchen.  It means that the character of the people and the food will be displayed without interruption.   

Large dark wood kitchen
Credit: John Smart Architects

You would never guess at first glance that this kitchen is in a converted convent, would you?  Yet, whether knowingly or unconsciously, this design seems to exude a supple, pure quality.  I feel it comes from the use of a select, highly complementary colour palette and the floor, like marbled Italian paper.  There’s a curvaceous oak staircase ascending through the place, which simply heightens the effect, although it sadly can’t be seen in this image.

Large white Parisian kitchen
Credit: Adrien Dirand for Yatzer

These exquisite chairs are the stars of this kitchen, located in a grand Parisian townhouse.

Stylish grey and black kitchen
Credit: Yabu Pushelberg

Regular readers of my blog will have noted my fondness for the work of Yabu Pushelberg.  Here, the glassware gracefully arranged against the window brings softness and curve to this gleaming space.  Note how many textures are incorporated into this seemingly straightforward design.  It’s a wonderful and effective illusion of minimalism. 

White and grey gallery kitchen
Credit: Bart Lens

A small galley kitchen by architect Bart Lens; the silvered splashbacks are elegantly glamorous.

Dark antiqua kitchen
Found at: Saligo Design

Another lesson here in how to blend old and new when creating environments for moveable feasts.  Note the antique mirror used as splashback.   

Large grey kitchen with circular ceiling lights
Found at: SpaceIO

How fun, how chic!  Animation seems to run through every detail of this canteen. Gatherings would certainly be imbued with convivial vitality.

Rossana minimalist bronze kitchen island
Credit: Rossana

From the expertise of Rossana Cucine comes the very epitome of an architectural, rigorously controlled approach that encourages great mastery over oneself.   The merging of sink, stovetop, cabinets, and countertop into a spine is admirable.  Texture is brought in through the use of different surfaces for each station.

Large kitchen with waterfall island
Credit: James Dixon

Last but very, very far from least: the sensual gold accents and mirrored pillar work well with the more rustic white-painted floor and striped stools.  And I don’t know about you, but I simply adore a waterfall island!   

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