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April 26, 2016 |

Most clichés are clichés because they’re so true and put just right.  My favourite design-related one comes to mind as I write this blog entry:  “God is in the details”.  You can coordinate the larger things charmingly enough to make a grand first impression, but if the fine points aren’t thought – and felt – through with care, actually living in the space will be a rather graceless experience.  Here are some minutiae that have captivated me.

Design Details Inspiration

Dark grey chest of drawers
Found on Pinterest

These precise, subtle door panels soften in a highly discerning way.  They could be used in almost any room, from a powder room to an office or kitchen.

White and gold shelves

I have always been infatuated with varieties on the curiosity cabinet, and have seen them bring fascination and interest to a variety of spaces, from artists’ studios to sleek, minimalist apartments.  Here a metallic, high-fashion one that could be a shop display or in a glamorous bedroom or salon.

1970s gold door handles

Stella McCartney is an inspiration to modern women in so many ways – not least these vaguely Seventies handles to her shop doors.

large gold circular lighting
Credit: Conran and Partners

A cosmic sensibility is such an exhilarating thing to imbue a corporate lobby with; to remind you every morning as you enter and every evening when you leave of the essence of what you do and why you do it.  And the way that it is created here is equally stimulating; the stylish structural mobiles and the linear pattern on the floor, brought together by the earthy marble of the reception desk and the mathematical awe of the sculpture beyond.

Large marble living room with parquet flooring
Credit: Rodolphe Parente

Think about this space without this particular wooden chair.  Perfectly elegant in the mixture of line and texture but without that desirable – and elusive – touch of je ne sais quoi.  You simply have to say to yourself, yet again, that God is in the details. 

Luxury brass rectangular living room chandelier
Found At:

Magnificent lighting for all the beautiful design elements in this room!

Luxury black and grey hallway with stone floor
Credit: Elle Decor

A hugely pleasing symmetrical use of colour pulls together a vitally alive artwork, retro lighting, assorted columns, and geometric marble flooring seamlessly in a niche. 

Dark grey marble with gold accent door
Credit: Habitually Chic

Writing in rainy London, I can’t help but long for the sun of Los Angeles.  Some tres chic greenery arrangements in front of the style arbiter Kelly Wearstler’s boutique in that fair city for you…. what an absolutely inspired combination with the grain of the marble.

Oriental style luxury hotel lobby
Credit: Yabu Pushelberg

How can you help but fall under the powerful spell of the deeply, potently intriguing face keeping watch over this hotel lobby in Beijing?

Large beige and gold hallway
Found At: Pinterest

This floor is to die for!  A chevron pattern would look amazing as well…..

Small round gold side table
Credit: Knight Frank

I leave you with a marvellously sensual arrangement on a lovely little table.  The magazine and cup of tea besides the gorgeous candy dish brings a civilised moment of indulgence into the room and the day.  I always hope for every room that I design to invite these all-important junctures.


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