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July 22, 2016 |

The very word ‘study’ conjures up a plethora of thoughts; what other room in the house has a verb for a name?  A study is then a chamber for contemplation, supported by enlivening references past and present.  The question is what you contemplate, and that is a potential starting point for the design.

Luxury Study Design Inspiration

Contemporary office design
Credit: Lighting.London

Carrying on with the theme of contemplation, the abundance of organic forms in this chamber would imbue a meditative sense into any thought done here – even if it might involve spreadsheets and involved calculations.

Luxury grey and brown study
Credit: Walterinck

The addition of a few wooden slats bring a sense of a protected, enclosed space while not compromising on airiness and the encompassing reach of the room.  The refined ivory of the chair, chiming with the sofa and the artwork displayed on the mantel, also comes in for intense appreciation.

Large study with porthole window
Credit: Candy & Candy

Although other things in this study catch my eye, the window dominates them all quite wonderfully.  Like a porthole on a cruise ship, it conveys a similar sense of drifting through the world; very useful for soothing oneself into reverie.

Black wall cabinets in study
Credit: thedesigndaredevil

Bric-a-brac is especially appropriate for a study, where one needs to be reminded of one’s compass points.  The ones on visible display here include the work of Helmut Lang; a Mediterranean camel; a Greek bust; spiky sculptural forms which remind of sea urchins, and vivacious orange blossoms.  Fair play, indeed.

Large wooden wardrobes in home office

A very appealingly languid quality unites this space from the Staffan Tollgard Design Group.  It could almost be underwater; we fancy that it would make a wonderful seat for a modern sea king and his triton.  Charcoal is a very versatile colour for creating this energy.

Large dark grey home office
Credit: Elle Decor

Charcoal also comes into effective play here, although here the subterranean feel is lightened with a few choice items.  The desk is custom-made – a clever decision we feel, as we can’t imagine anything else working nearly as well and retaining the same ambience.

Matte black bookshelves
Credit: Farrow & Ball

The sobriety of these navy built-ins from Cochrane Design are quite conducive to the clarity and symmetry of the articles placed into them.  Any other colour would not have the same supple feel to it.

Large beige home office
Found at: interiorforlife

The wall panels in this office, which could be deemed a modern classic, interplay interestingly with the rectangles of the window.  Almost, but not quite, matching up, they create a tension useful for mulling over knotty questions.

Oriental style home office
Credit: W. DESIGN

This Hong Kong study employs traditional Oriental motifs and references in a wholly contemporary way.  The flowing black lines of the rug remind of calligraphy; the design of the shelving unit of antique fastenings and cabinets; and all comes together to set off the two lions exquisitely.

Japanese style home study
Credit: Brendan Wong

Van Gogh and how he took inspiration from the use of flat colour in Japanese painting comes to mind when we look at this room.  Glorious, fabulous yellow!  Picking up the shade in a small bowl on the console as well as in larger statement pieces was wise; it breaks up the rhythm of the room and brings it nuance.  One would surely have no difficulty finding an energy lift working here.

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