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April 14, 2016 |

The living room is probably the chamber in the house that serves the widest range of purposes.  From casual day-to-day lounging, receiving visitors, reading books or watching movies, to hosting formal evening gatherings, the living room must lend itself to a wide variety of moods and emotions.  It is often the centrepiece of the home, establishing the palette for all other rooms.  As I write to you in my own living room, here are some from other people that have excited and influenced me as a designer putting together living spaces for others.

Living Room Inspiration

Luxury brown and beige living room
Credit: Bespoke Sofa London

That full wall of luminosity can be hard to design a cosy room for; but this simple scheme of primary shapes and muted tones does the trick sumptuously.  The personal photographs and books add intimacy.

Black and gold living room
Credit: Katharine Poole

The rhythmic mirroring of the rectangle of the fireplace and that of the built-in TV creates a symmetry that is wonderfully framed with brass trim and a richly hued back wall.  This is a room geared around day in and day out living.     

Large grey living room
Credit: HomeDSGN

Note how the graceful plant beyond the shades accentuates the minimal room, adding just the right temperate element.

Large contemporary living room
Credit: Yabu Pushelberg

The above effect is also used successfully in this room, but complemented by the graphic dividing walls, the pattern in the floor, and the cushions on the sofa.  The cumulative sense is of a room both spacious and complex; of texture and clean lines alike.

Japanese style living room and bar
Credit: Jiane86

I present a room expressly designed with entertaining in mind.  What a grand, glamorous bar that is!  The refined lines of the chandelier, coffee table, bar chairs, and sofa allow for plenty of space and freedom for lively conversation to germinate.  I am already daydreaming about what provocative interactions might happen here…..

Victorian living room and library
Credit: WSJ

Nothing hints at the inner workings of a mind like books, and this collection of volumes, full of character and learning, certainly suggests an erudite personality  – or at least a psyche that wishes to appear cultivated.

Luxury white and beige living room
Credit: Sergey Makhno

The wonderfully symmetrical lines of the bookcase and the staircase work together to create a centrepiece for this otherwise very simple salon.

Large french living room
Credit: Jean-Louis Deniot

Continuing on with objects saturated with history and culture, the two sculptures in this room anchor the entire space.  While the elegant furnishings and bronze lamps have been exquisitely chosen by Meredith Heron, you could utilise almost any pieces and the eye would still go straight to these intriguing artworks on either side of the room.

Dark luxury living room
Credit: Chris Loves Julia

Painting the cornices, skirtings, dados and wall all in the same dark colour creates a sharp, modern effect.

Beige living room with parquet floor
Credit: Yabu Pushelberg

I’m utterly captivated by the piece on the wall, reminiscent of a glowing centre of a prehistoric tree or ancient stone, opened up for full appreciation.  It adds a sense of transformative power to the room.

Dark and moody living room
Credit: Delightfull

This gentle alcove would welcome and restore you after a hard day in the strange world.  The swing arm scone lamp is by Delightfull – a fitting name!

Light grey and white living room
Credit: Coleccion Alexandra

Utterly fanciful, utterly wonderful, utterly utterly!

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