Interior Design Inspiration: Luxury Home Office Design

December 7, 2015 |

The home office is the room that resonates the most with me at this very moment, as I sit writing about my own work. What I do endlessly rewards me by diffusing valuable energy and inspiration into my life as well as sustaining me in the most practical ways.

As an interior designer, I am intensely aware that what I place around me will imprint deeply within. Whatever the particular delicate balance of logic and creativity, structure and spontaneity that is most conducive for your job, there is a way to reflect and enhance it in the spaces you work in.

Luxury home office design offers a significant opportunity to blend the professional and intimate elements of your life in a room that will beautifully stimulate and support all of your endeavours.

Luxury Home Office Design Inspiration

Luxury home office design from Oliver Burns
Credit: Oliver Burns

I love how this seafaring cabin of an office reminds to always imbue work with an adventurous, explorative spirit belonging to the ages. Every detail, from the throw pillows with navigational symbols to the folded easel to the captain’s chair, add dimension to the statement piece of the map. Overall, the feel of a clean, modern canvas to work against is retained.

Luxury home office from powell and bonnell
Credit: Powell & Bonnell

Easy contemporary classicism feeds into this charming work corner. A small part of a larger area, it nevertheless provides ample focus and thought. The monumental architectural photograph and the binoculars, the sole textural accents in a sleek setup, remind to keep the eye on great expanses.

Instyle Decor feminine study and powder room
Credit: Instyle Decor

Flashy and feminine! The shiny, unexpected detailing of the elegant three-legged chair adds a touch of cheekiness to this jazzy work space.

Suzy Hoodless Luxury Home Office
Credit: Suzy Hoodless

Industrial meets glam in this glassed-in office by Suzy Hoodless. In my eyes, the light fixture has a suggestion of performance, bringing a showy sense to the otherwise bookish, calm environs.

White minimalist home office space
Credit: Bo Bedre

Literally and figuratively, this is a collected, cool space! Efficiency is the ruling principle. I appreciate the nod to comfort in the furry throw on the chair.

Home office design from Louise Bradley
Credit: Louise Bradley

Strength and simplicity emanate from every object in this room, feeding my luxury design ideas. The mixture of organic materials with highly polished items is provocative.

Vavona Joinery home office design
Credit: Vavona Joinery

You shouldn’t be afraid to be uncompromising in your vision. This crisp, masculine luxury home office is the perfect setting for resolute decision-making. Yet, even here, there is the one curved line of the lamp. How would this room feel if you were to remove it?

Home office inspiration from Yabu Pushelbery
Credit: Yabu Pushelberg

The wider life of the household is allowed into this work space from Yabu Pushelberg. In a very different way, it reminds me of the famous photo of the glamorous American president John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office. His small son plays beneath the grand desk in arguably the most famous office in the world.

First Dibs home office design inspiration
Credit: First Dibs

Work reminds you of the wider world. I leave you with the grace of this narrow desk, fit in besides practical shelving containing household linens. While not spacious in itself, what a glorious vista it allows one!

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