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September 28, 2016 |

The fabulous walk-in wardrobe may just be the status symbol of our times, proof that you have really and truly made it.  As with everything else, the more of them we see, the more distinguished we want ours to be.  Here are a few that I would love to house my shoe collection, my glittery gems, and my frothy lengths of chintz and silk.

Luxury Wardrobe Design Inspiration

luxury wardrobe design from wolterinck
Credit: Wolterinck

Can you just see having a little cat-nap on this settee, in between trying on outfits for that dinner?  Suffice to say, I can.

Luxury wardrobe design interior
Credit: Philip Vile

Another fetching seating alcove, on a smaller but no less charming scale.

fabulous luxury wardrobe design inspiration
Credit: Nstudio

Straight-up-and-down (literally and figuratively) minimalism also appeals hugely to me; a wonderful incentive to keep your clothes beautifully folded and organised, with lovely sheets of scented tissue paper in between cashmere jumpers.  The glossiness of this wardrobe is perfectly complemented by the metal handles.  Like architectural jewellery.

Superb luxury wardrobe design
Credit: Poliform

Here is another in the same vein from Poliform USA, although with more masculinity.  The checked inset in the floor is a nice way to break up what could have been a quite severe scheme and link into the inner chamber, with that luminous desk lamp. 

Team 7 wardrobe luxury design
Credit: Team 7

This just might be a prototypical representation of the modern wardrobe.  The television inset in the wardrobe is a nice touch – all the guilty pleasures shut up together to frolic gleefully.

luxury white walk-in wardrobe design
Found On: Savills

The light feeling of this wardrobe is quite appealing, especially when paired with dark wood and the marble in the room beyond.  I am taken by the texture in the floor as well.

Luxury wardrobe design in hallyway
Credit: Taylor Howes

A softer habitat….  The silver, modern handles and the curlicues of blue in the artwork are welcome, distinctive accents.

Walk in dressing room and wardrobe
Credit: Carlisle Design Studio

Clothes, shoes, and accessories are framed as works of art – or at least of intense aesthetic pleasure – in this wardrobe design from Carlisle Design Studio.   It is more unusual to see men’s shoes spot-lit and presented this way than it is to see high heels; I feel it works so well.  A wardrobe for a master of the universe.

Grey luxury wardrobe from Rimadesio
Credit: Rimadesio

Here, actual works of art take centre stage, with the gold interior of the wardrobe tantalisingly complementary to the outer room.  The shade acts as a thread between art and clothes, two of the most intense, nuanced expressions of creativity, philosophy, and appreciation of everything that the world has to offer our paltry eyes.   

Bestetti Associati Studio wardrobe design
Credit: Bestetti Associati Studio

Another approach to a Master of the Universe wardrobe storage.  This is for anyone who longs after the interior of a luxury boutique and wished that life could be as well-ordered, as tempting, as sexy and sensual.   Your clothes would always feel brand new if you had this wardrobe.

Pastel pink walk in wardrobe space
Credit: Universal Design Studio

Add some rose pink and the perfect lighted mirror to the above description.

Black luxury wardrobe design
Credit: Leconfield

A divinely discreet colour scheme and detailing.  I am seduced by the subtle interplay of yellow and green against textural grey; it makes me imagine that the apparel stored here would be equally sophisticated in terms of composition, pattern, and hue.

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