Interior Design Inspiration: The Luxury Dining Room

September 12, 2015 |

The place we eat and entertain…

Dining rooms are a focal point in any house; they bring family and friends together on grand occasions and are our chambers of celebration. Held in such high esteem, the importance of these rooms ought to be reflected in their aesthetic.

Developing a luxury dining room design requires a keen insight into how the client wants to use the space, as well as their individual tastes. From the Orient to Scandinavia, clean and compact modern apartments to rustic rooms, we have found inspiration for our design projects in places far and wide.


Luxury Dining Room Design Inspiration


Russian style dining room
Credit: Buratti Architetti

Channeling Mao’s china, this stark communist style dining room set channels the drama of the soviet union and the elegance of the Russian ballet. Strong and bold design juxtaposed by the delicate twinkling lights above, the contrast in the room grabs your attention without the need to be ostentatious.

Copper Dining Room
Credit: Maxim Doshchinsk

From the marvellous Maxim Doschinsk comes this fun, playful and captivating dining space. A monochrome apartment design with accents of colour, here Maxim uses copper to great effect. With the titian tinge lighting fixtures hang low over the small, intimate table, the inclusion of these turquoise chairs is a stroke of genius.

light grey marble Dining Room
Credit: Fancoise Champsaur

With a truly unique lighting fixture, this low-key yet high-end dining room from Fancoise Champsaur is the perfect example of how to do black and white right. A space in which you could entertain informal affairs, intimate dinners and a bowl of cereal, it is a room that works from breakfast to dinner.

Green teal and grey Dining Room
Credit: John Jacobs Interiors

South African designer John Jacobs use of art and precision positioning (look at the flowers) combines the opulence of teal with bold, sharp black lines to stunning effect.

large grey marble dining room
Credit: Kababie Arquitectos

Nothing says ‘luxury dining room design’ quite like a marble dining table… Here Mexican interior designers Kababie Arquitectos have used the stone to turn this medium sized room into a truly dramatic dining area.

large wooden Dining table
Credit: Fabio Fantolino

A Torino based architectural design studio, Fabio Fantolino have introduced their unique style to this beauty salon, Le Chocolat 70. With two very contrasting chair designs and stalagmite-like pipe lights, my eyes are constantly drawn to the square legs of the wooden table.

large contemporary Dining Room
Credit: Le Meridien, Istanbul

With a corporate aesthetic, you might be excused for thinking that this space is more of a conference centre than a luxury dining room. However, this pared-down room, with its greys and browns and creams and whites has captured my imagination… I just love variegated lighting fixtures throwing different shades down on the diners.

brown oriental style dining room
Credit: Yabu Pushelberg

This luxury dining room inspiration comes from Yabu Pushelberg. With accessories steeped in the aesthetics of the Orient, its plush dining chairs and hanging lighting fixtures are refined, graceful and stylish.

Scandinavian style dining room
Credit: Lorenzo Pennati

From designer Bruno Tarsia comes this modern Scandinavian dining room. With exposed bricks and metals, this highly considered aesthetic combines the rustic with the contemporary to stunning effect.

luxury gold and cream dining room
Credit: Morpheus London

This corporate dining room inspiration comes from Morpheus London, with creams, golds and blacks used to create a sumptuous space. I feel like you can practically smell the perfumes of its guests.

large wooden Dining Room
Credit: Sergey Baskakov

This minimalistic dining area’s neat symmetry creates an ambience of fine dining and luxury. From the accessories used, to the wooden table and triptych inspired lighting and seating arrangement, it’s a calm, considered environment ideal for dinner parties.


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