Interior Design Inspiration: The Bedroom

September 16, 2016 |

Just the name of the room – “the bedroom” – conjures up sensual, alluring images.  La chambre in French…  in any language, a delight.  I especially adore hotel bedrooms, and my wanderlust particularly feeds my inspiration for the bedrooms that I put together, which are often for other well-travelled individuals.

Here are some bedrooms of my dreams – and of my realities.

Luxury Bedroom Design Inspiration

Luxury bedroom design inspiration

The delicate, feminine imagery painted onto the wall of this room plays into the bedroom’s role as site for reveries and fantasies… an all-important function.

Luxury design inspiration boscolo blog
Found at: Restoration Hardware

Romantic poetry imprinted directly onto the wall alongside an image which allows the sleeping occupant to always rest beneath the magic of clouds; and a decadent, elegant chandelier.  A wonderful combination of elements indeed.

Luxury bedroom design in cream

This is a classic, feminine bedroom in cream.  The panelling, sconces on either side of the bed, continental mirroring, and time-honoured headboard work together to create a true retreat from the world.  I am intrigued by the carefully selected personal objects on the bedside tables, which I see include a sculpture and a bright blossom; exquisite.

grey luxury bedroom design inspiration
Credit: Rodolphe Parente

I admire this aesthetic from Rodolphe Parente; clean and expansive at first glance, yet containing a multitude of distinctive accessories, from the Scandinavian-design wooden chair to the graduating tones of grey in the bedcover and pillowcases, to the imposing brass-framed doors.  This is a room that I would love to wake up in, preferably with a perfect, strong coffee.

Navy and grey luxury bedroom
Found On: Fresh House

Art directs the palette for this bedroom, with the pillow on the chair subtly mirroring the painting behind the bed among other things.  A marvellous way to subtly imprint the room with utter freedom and imagination.

Red bed design inspiration from Twils
Credit: Twils

The cord of the light fixture is the focus of this room in berry tones.  I imagine two young girls sleeping here, cultivating an understanding that the simplest things can centre things remarkably well.

Alyssa+Rosenheck luxury bedroom
Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

Nashville’s glamorous earthiness and musicality has fascinated me of late, and this room only feeds into that.  I appreciate how the natural tones of the curtains pick up on the rich wood of the far wall and the small but eye-catching artwork placed therein.  And of course, there is that fabulous mirror…

Black paint luxury bedroom
Credit: Febal Casa

The powerful, jazzy contrasts of this room are a fertile backdrop to the books I see piled against the far wall.  The geometric shapes of the objects on the end table next to it work nonchalantly with the circular shapes of the mirror and the photographic light, and the throws on the bed further ensure that the room isn’t too forbiddingly monochrome.  Bravo to Febal Casa

Casa De Valentina Luxury Bedroom
Found On: Casa De Valentina.

I leave you with the utterly irresistible tactility of this throw.  How I long to sink into it, preferably accompanied by a finger or two of good whisky, at the end of a productive day. 

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