Interior Design Inspiration: The Hallway

August 25, 2015 |

The hallway is a transitory place. Somewhere we pass through without a second glance. A place that often feels neither here nor there, it is often reserved for menial tasks of holstering your umbrella, taking your shoes on or off and searching for your keys.


As a designer, the question I ask is why does it have to be like this? Whilst the room’s function isn’t as expansive as the other rooms of the house, why can’t we make it into something beautiful and captivating? After all, past the front door it’s the first impression you are going to make on guests, so why not make it a bold one?


Below are some of the beautiful hallway design ideas I have uncovered as I’ve sought inspiration for Boscolo’s projects. Some stunning, some captivating, some enlightening, they just go to show that regardless of the space you have, there’s always the scope to create something interesting.


Hallway Design Ideas


large stone Hallway Credit: design spirits co.,ltd.


Featuring a basalt stone wall covering and indirect lighting, this hallway feels like tempered luxury. Soft and textured, it invites you down into its depths.


Light grey and mirrored hallwayCredit: Candy & Candy


This hallway found in One Hyde Park is sheer tumultuous elegance. From the variety of textures used, to the separate styles from wall to wall, it’s burnished and brushed, light and dark and ever so intriguing.


large dark drown and beige hallwayCredit: POWELL & BONNELL


This hallway from Powell and Bonnell is dark and delectable. Dressed in the deep richness of coffee browns and beiges, the warm orange glow transports you into the citric centre of a cocoa dream. Drawing your eyes to the abstract statue feature, you want to make out what the wavering figure in the distance might be…


large Dark HallwayCredit: Michael Dawkins


Creating a micro gallery in the middle of this hallway, Michael Dawkins design have created a key focal point which draws your attention into this space. Whether you are looking through the open door onto the collection of paintings, or the installation at the end of the room, your attention is very much demanded!


Scandinavian Bedroom halo ceiling lightCredit: Klaus K


An entrance way into one of the gorgeous Klaus K hotel, you can see the elements of modern Scandinavian design dancing with influences of traditional folklore. The eye grabbing lighting fixture reminiscent of smelting metal; rings forged by the smiths of old.


Light and airy hallway Credit: Dufner Heighes


Light and airy, this finely decorate hallway features a colossal mirror which increases the sense of space dramatically. Reflecting the fixtures of the property, the flecks of colour that dot the interior are emphasised whilst avoiding saturation.


dark bright Norwegian hallwayCredit: Luxia


Featuring lighting fixtures from Norwegian design and furniture company Luxia, this softly lit hallway perfectly captures the movement in Scandinavian architecture to a fusion between modernist sensibilities and traditional aesthetic.


Grand Hallway Credit: Yabu Pushelberg


Found in the Waldorf Astoria, Beijing, this grand entrance way is simply breathtaking.


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