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July 2, 2015 |

Developing the interior design scheme for Discovery Dock was a really interesting experience that really threw our imaginations into overdrive. Our clients wanted to recreate their wedding day setting – a day on a beautiful white sand beach – bringing accents of the sea to their Thameside penthouse property.

Playing on their senses, we developed a colour palette that we thought highlighted the luxury of sun scorched sands in a more muted tone, but it was when choosing the fixtures, fittings and equipment that our creativity had to become more pragmatic and considered.

We wanted to ensure that the design was clean, creating an airiness throughout the apartment like a gentle sea breeze. This was achieved in many places by incorporating furniture with sharp, defined lines.

Take, for instance, the rich and opulent grey oak Camerich dining table; its striking, simple structure and deep dark colour tieing perfectly with the deep purples and blues of the walls and floor.


This was also achieved through the use of another stunning Camerich product: their Simon lounge chairs. Deep seated, with their tell-tale black lines, they’re contemporary and sophisticated with the feel of being sat back in a deck chair.

Light grey contemporary living room

For the coffee table we turned to one of our inhouse favourites – BoConcept. A Danish company whose mantra is to create urbanite modern furniture that can be fitted into, “the needs and dreams of our customers”, they were a perfect match for our clients’ request.

For the master bedroom we took a slightly different approach. This room doesn’t benefit from a great deal of natural light, so we opted for a lighter tone on the walls to complement the darker, luxurious bedding and furniture. This came from the fabulous designer Brian Yates whose eclectic and ever changing style always throws up some really interesting wall coverings.

Luxurious light grey bedroom by Brian Yates

In contrast, the bathroom was to be a palace of opulence, drenched in brightly finished blacks. The ‘digital mosaic’ tiles that adorn the wall of the shower offering a contrast to the rest of the room.

Luxury Black Bathroom with his and her sinks

Conversely the living room wallpaper sourced from Thibaut was a throwback to a more natural aesthetic; a high end, delicately woven grass cloth wallpaper that is reminiscent of beach front property wall coverings.

Dark grey living room with bronze lantern

One of the most striking features, and one that we are particularly pleased with is the open fireplace. Having an open pit was one of the burning desires of our clients, but due to the lack of a log flue we had our hands tied.

In order to get around this we sourced a bio-ethanol unit from A-Fire,  which we then paired with washed pebbles to give that distressed beach-like look.

light grey wooden Fireplace

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