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June 28, 2016 |

No matter how alluring the a project’s design scheme is, the part that we anticipate with the greatest and deepest penchant is the commissioning or sourcing of the artwork.  Art is how we at Boscolo delve most profoundly into the spirit of the owner and their aspirations for their lives. And when looking at other designers’ work, we are drawn first to the manner in which they frame their clients’ art collections, or how they go about selecting art to surround the complex individuals they work with.

As Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”  The opportunity to have original pieces in one’s intimate surroundings is a real privilege.  Today, we want to share some of the ways in which we have approached this task with you.

Luxury black and grey dining room with black art
Interior Design Inspiration: Art

The clients are adherents to the Radha Soami spiritual movement, which believes in instinctive outpourings of inner longings for Spirit.  It is a matter of pride that the artwork that we carefully consigned feels to us like such a pure reflection of this conviction, with its spattering of starry grains across an expanse reminiscent of the yearning for the light and the reaching for it.   

Luxury light grey living room interior design
Interior Design Inspiration: Art

The serenity and stillness of this home were the perfect backdrops for works embodying humanity and vitality.  Here you see hanging on the wall a piece which carries motion and grace within it; for us, it is reminiscent of dance.  Complementing it is the sculpture on the cabinet, which materialises gravitas and austerity; it made us think of the extraordinarily timeless works of Giacometti.

Blue and grey luxury loft style apartment
Interior Design Inspiration: Art

Invoking the pellucid, limpid essence of merrymaking, the expansive wall photograph that we installed in this residence was inspired by the clients’ fondness for Secret Garden Party.  It then influenced the colour scheme for the living areas, which we quite hope means that a wonderfully celebratory sense infuses the entire residence. 

Luxury hallway with grey and gold art
Interior Design Inspiration: Art

In this apartment, the focus was on creating a harmonious space and retaining continuity from one space to another.  For us, these were obvious starting points for the artwork.  Abstract works with an underlying tranquillity and wide reach provided textural balance to the streamlined furnishings and rooms.  We are particularly fond of the tones of the strong piece in the hallway, which immediately establishes the aesthetic upon entry to the residence. 

Large luxury grey dining room
Interior Design Inspiration: Art

This then gives away to the more delicate tonalities of the large work in the dining room – the perfect accompaniment for magnificent meals over which likeminded individuals are encouraged to dream and manifest. 

Beautiful luxury grey bedroom
Interior Design Inspiration: Art

The last pieces we’d like to reminisce over are the twinned works on either side of the bed in the master bedroom at Marlborough Mansions.  Luminescent and gently introspective, they give away to the soothing silvery colour scheme of the room.  It is meditative and conducive to peace and fancies of reverie.

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