When approaching a new project, I turn to my palette of possibilities. It always delights me when a beautiful piece that captured my eye, heart, or even both at an earlier time slides just so into something that we are pulling together.

I am perpetually acquainting myself with the ways of seeing that are represented by different design companies. Ochre is one that gives me frequent pleasure. Their particular way of bringing grace into a home seems generous to me; their alluring work allows the rest of the room to sing. Mind you, a touch of flamboyance doesn’t run amiss with me either!

Ochre has a new range of products, which impress and excite thoughts of how I might use them in future projects through my work for Boscolo.

Ochre: The New Range

Hanging teardrop light

How can you resist being enchanted by a piece called the Celestial Pebble? And I daresay it lives up to the moniker. Ethereal but striking, I could see myself using this Ochre lighting fixture at the centre of a high-ceilinged, elegant bathroom. It is almost like a piece of jewellery.

Hanging Pebble Wall Light

As a wall light, the Celestial Pebble is just as attractive, but more restrained. I envision several along a richly carpeted hallway; they would make a special backdrop for handsomely dressed people at a party.

Leather coffee and side tables

An extraordinarily versatile and timeless coffee/side table covered in fine leather, I could see the Wisp table working equally well in a masculine drawing room done in deep colours, or as a brush of tint in a minimal, airy bedroom. The Ochre knack for naming their products continues with the hue choices for the table. I’m charmed by truffle and quince; sage; and chilli. Literally delicious!

Panther black desk and yellow chair

This desk sets off more showy pieces or colours, as with the yellow chair above. It would be a lovely piece for someone wishing to display a collection of special objects at home or work.

Leather door handles

These unusual handles combine leather and metal to great effect. In a quite sophisticated way, they carry a hint of rugged, adventurous pursuits that lightens or deepens depending on colour and size of the handle chosen. I think they would accentuate a chest of drawers in deep wood, although I could also see them bringing contrast to a metal desk in a study/home office. It would be fun building an entire room around the smallest of details. I’m already fantasising about which artworks would go well with these.

Grey metal compactom

The gesso used to finish this metal compactom give it an appealingly textured feel.

Black Caribou Bar Stool

One of the many satisfying aspects of contemporary furniture by Ochre is how pieces pick up gently on each other. The aforementioned handles and/or the Wisp table and this bar stool would work together in a way that the casual observer might not even notice, but would certainly sense in an organic way. Sipping a dirty martini while seated in this bar stool would be very enjoyable; it might even help create a filmic moment.

Leather sside table

The scalloped corners of this leather table give it a handcrafted, almost nomadic feel. You could use it to stack favourite magazines or books in a family room for an uncontrived, comfortable but very stylish effect.

Dark grey marble table

This is an extremely dignified, wonderfully simple dining table in polished plaster and steel. Almost Seventies in silhouette, the purity of its lines make it a lasting choice. It would be dreamy to construct a plan for a private meeting room using this table, maybe for someone in the creative fields. It would surely imbue discussions with refined gravitas.

Long bronze door handles

Ochre’s pieces have been used to great effect in churches; that is how adaptable they are. These wood and metal handles weren’t used in that project to my knowledge, but could easily have been.

Glass pebble ceiling lights by ochre

The tapered legs of this bar stool give it a sculptural poise. It reminds me of Giacometti’s long-limbed sculptures. I’d love to position it at the window of a room with an exceptional view. You would think magnificent thoughts.

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