Tables are such reassuringly sturdy articles of furniture.  Sitting at one immediately urges you into some course of action or the other, even if that action is contemplative.  We wanted to present you with some particularly beautiful and impressive specimens, which we long to set off to best effect in our future projects.

Luxury Table Design

Large wooden table with gold stand by Hudson
Credit: Hudson Furniture Inc.

The name of this Bangle table from Hudson is well chosen indeed; it is a piece of sleek jewellery, reminiscent of Seventies decadence and glamour, for whichever room it finds a home in.

Gilded gold by Blackman Cruz
Credit: Blackman Cruz

The asymmetry in this coffee table only serves to heighten its grace, in what should be an oxymoron but isn’t.  In another match of opposites, the gilded gold works wonderfully with the wood of the main surface.  Design and art can bring polarities together in such a rich way. The definition of luxury table design.

Black and bronze cube side table
Credit: CB2

Now, this table is utterly, uncompromisingly futuristic!  Anyone who finds Star Wars aesthetically exciting will understand its disciplined appeal.

Birgit Israel luxury black pearlescent table
Credit: Birgit Israel

In the same colour scheme and the same shape, yet with a slightly more classical feel are these Hector side tables from Birgit Israel.

Solid bronze Viya Home side tables
Credit: Viya Home

These remind us, in a very good way indeed, of grown-up Lego blocks or of the Tetris computer game.  Using these in a residence would bring an underlying sense of fitting things together – useful in life!

DeCastelli solid brass round tables
Credit: DeCastelli

The earthy shades of the burnished metals in these round tables somehow make us think of very luxe mushrooms which have sprung up all their own in some gorgeous forest.

Luca Scacchetti bronze table leg
Credit: Scacchetti Associati

Architectural details such as the striking way the legs of this table clasp the surface can make all the difference, bringing nuance to furniture which remains smoothly minimalistic in overall effect.

Luca Scacchetti black and bronze chest
Credit: Luca Scacchetti

This commode designed by Luca Scacchetti would be how we imagine a contemporary king’s chest.  What treasures would it ideally store, though, we wonder?

Edland black wooden nightstand
Found on

Now for a touch of time-honoured femininity in furniture which is nevertheless very much of the modern day.  This would be sweet to use in a bedroom.

Gem beside table by Debra Folz
Credit: Debra Folz

For more femininity, this irresistible gem side table – which would be such fun to design a dressing room ambience around, although it could of course as easily be used in a sitting room.

Blue petrified wood table
Found on

The very definition of timeless.

Large glass and marble table
Found on:

To us, this feels vaguely Grecian; it makes us eager to source chairs that would do it justice while not diverting attention from its sculptural base.

White and bronze nesting tables
Credit: Rocket St George

We’ve always had an ongoing love affair with nesting tables, and the marble tops and brass effects of these make them particularly elegant in our eyes.  We would frame them very simply, with perhaps just a glass vase of flowers, a wood-framed sofa or lounge, and a beautiful piece of art accompanying them.  You could then pull them out to hold exquisite small dishes of food, and of course perfectly mixed cocktails or choice glasses of wine.

Such is the good life that tables selected with thought and care are meant to lay out to us, day after day.

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