Sometimes the part of London that loves its seams showing and its surfaces raw really hits the spot. There’s something so vital and alive about this sort of design. When I have clients who are looking for a jab to the guts in their living and working spaces, something to clear and refresh the senses, I turn to contemporary furniture and lighting from Buster + Punch.

Buster + Punch Rockstar wooden Whisky Bar

How can you resist a piece called the Rockstar Whisky Bar? This made-to-order bar for the home livens up that last whisky for the road like nothing else. I love the sensuality of the grey silk or black leather quilted back panel, which I would use to point me towards furniture for the rest of the room.

Black satin/brass light switch by buster + punch

This dimmer is available in a variety of finishes. I enjoy the contrast of the satin black/brass. It adds a shot of sharp, sexy energy to a room; I’d love to use it in a home cinema or recording studio and pick up the textures in a detail elsewhere in the plan.

Hanging black and gold chandelier by buster + punch

A contemporary classic which would bring any room squarely into today. The chandelier is adjustable, which means that you can make it even more individual. Brass is a very Buster + Punch design choice. I envision it in a dining room, above a shiny black rectangular table and matching chairs.

Stainless steel Lightbulb with lighting cord
You have to admire a company who comes up with the world’s first designer LED bulb. These are a brilliant finishing touch for a hallway or breakfast nook. It would be exciting to contrast more traditional textures such as wood or marble.

Hanging lights with vintage light bulbs

The pared-down minimalism of this piece accentuates the way it seems to be in motion. Used in a large foyer, it would set quite a standard for the rest of the residence or office to follow.

Industrial chandelier by buster + punch

The glam industrial aesthetic of Buster + Punch lighting is exhibited in the Hero light. It reminds me of sculpture from the seventies – Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and so on. You can adapt to your taste with a variety of bulbs and settings for the light pendants. It would be an interesting choice for a den; I would appreciate the chance to set it off with beautiful leather seating. What a fantastic name, too!

Bronze wall light with exposed bulb

The combination of the straightforward fittings of this piece with the provocative shape of the hook from which the light cord is hung is suggestive. Hung along a staircase, these would bring real verve.

Brass plug sockets


Every feature of a room is worth attention and consideration. I see these brass plug sockets in a luxe dressing room, suggesting jewellery and polished, lustrous outfits for evenings out. I would seek a statement piece of sculpture in a metallic finish to continue the feel.

Black and gold hanging wall light


The line of shiny detailing on the shade of this wall light are like the closures on the back of a dress. It would be fun to reflect that in a row of three lights on a charcoal grey wall behind the Rockstar Whisky Bar.

Gem shaped low light

Buster + Punch have brought back the Edison light filaments in its Gem bulb. The glowing fibres remind you of how electricity is conjured up. These bulbs are another way to bring real energy into your living environment. Using a number of Gem bulbs in the same dressing room as the brass plug sockets would bring old-fashioned showgirl flamboyance into the modern day.

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